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Unarmed Combat Training Day

Situational awareness explanation of U A combat in a CP role

Head to toe combat assessment strike points on the body, nerve centers, pressure points, non lethal and lethal strike points, central nervous system disablement. The entire body will be used with open hands it will be fully hands on to give you the best opportunity to learn.

What to Expect

  • Introduction to kubotan history
  • Carriage, use and legal implications
  • Types of kubotan. Preferred methods of drawing, pointer mode, ice pick
  • Locations secured on the body, various grips to be used for strikes, holds and releases
  • Practical use, Strikes on body parts, Pressure points and Hard extraction
  • Drop downs scapula subclavian, and use in confined spaces
  • Methods of restraint and single man takedowns
  • Front and Rear takedowns
  • Defences against strangles and all types of lockouts
  • Defences against bear hug, full nelson, through obstructions. Railings. In vehicles etc
  • Kubotan for removing obstructive persons, demonstrators and drunks
  • Use of Improvised weapons

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Unarmed Combat Training

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