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Door Supervisor

Stambridge Training can provide you with the training and qualifications you need to help you obtain a licence issued by the S.I.A. (Security Industry Authority).

Course Includes:

  • Working in the Private Security Industry
  • The private security industry
  • Legislation in the private security industry
  • Health and safety First Aid in the workplace
  • Fire safety and workplace emergencies
  • Effective communication and customer care

Working as a Door Supervisor

  • The behaviour appropriate for individual door supervisors
  • Elements of civil and criminal law relevant to door supervisors
  • Admission policies and search procedures
  • The powers of citizen’s arrest and related procedures
  • Relevant drug legislation and its relevance to the role of the door supervisor
  • Incident recording and crime scene preservation
  • Licensing law and social responsibility relation to licensed premises
  • Safety and security issues relevant to door supervisors

Conflict Management for the Private Security Industry

  • Communication skills
  • Reduce risk in conflict situations
  • De-escalate conflict
  • Problem solving strategies for resolving conflict
  • Good practice to follow after conflict situations

Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry

  • Being able to understand physical interventions and the legal and professional implications of their use
  • Understand how to reduce the risk of harm when physical intervention skills are used
  • Be able to use non-aggressive physical skills to protect yourself and others from harm
  • Be able to use non-pain related standing, holding and escorting techniques, including non-restrictive and restrictive skills
  • Understand good practice to follow after physical interventions

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Door Supervisor Courses:

HABC level 2 Award for working as a door supervisor within the private security industry QCF, 34 hours over four days with one day distance learning 08:30-18:30 every day with one hour break.

Course Course Date Course End Date Location Individual Price Register
SIA Door Supervisor Course 28-10-2019 9:00 am 31-10-2019 6:00 pm Southend £190.00

Upskilling Door Supervisors Courses:

HABC level 2 Award for upskilling a door supervisor within the private security industry QCF, 12 hours over two days: day one 09:00-18:00 day two 09:00-14:00 with one hour break.

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